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How to burn a USB stick for UEFI Windows 10 build when > 4 GB files are present

Making a USB stick for boot with large files Some of the Windows 10 ISOs these days have files that are larger than 4 GB on them - I first found this with Fall Creators Update (FCU) and also useful tools like Media Creation Tool will sometimes fail. When I hit this problem I couldn't find much help for building USB images, as opposed to having imaging servers. So whether you've got your ISO from the Windows 10 download site or Visual Studio (replacing MSDN) then here's how you can sort it. NB You'll still need some form of license / activation of course. The reason that building the ISO on USB for UEFI will fail as that UEFI can't read NTFS (which can have large files) but needs FAT32 which has a 4 GB file limit. This hit me on the Surface Pro 4 but in theory could be a problem with many machines. Mount the ISO locally Format a blank USB with FAT32 - needed for UEFI boot (can’t use NTFS) copy all the files to the USB from the ISO. It will fail on copy