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Setting up a SoftEther VPN server for personal use

Having your own VPN server can be very useful for watching TV from home while travelling, and plenty of other reasons too. With Microsoft Azure putting servers in London I decided to have a go at building my own automated VPN server so I could learn more about Azure (I work for SwiftKey, now part of Microsoft). My team at work had suggested using SoftEther and I quickly agreed with them after seeing it in use. I had built SoftEther on other cloud providers but not built it in a way that survived reboots and automatically starting the VPN. As Ubuntu has changed to using systemd in Ubuntu 16.04 I thought I'd give that a go. I've documented what I've done below so I can remember and others might find helpful. I'm assuming basic knowledge of Linux, and also that you can work out how to use Azure or your preferred provider. As a side note I also configured this server while in Windows 10 using the new bash functionality  and ssh from there which was pretty cool. First o