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Setting up a Raspberry Pi 2 as an Access Point

Recently for work I setup a Raspberry Pi 2 as an Access Point (AP) to compensate for our APs not covering all the gaps and some weird devices that won't connect reliably to our Meraki network (e.g. my Wileyfox Swift ). I couldn't find one simple guide that just worked so documenting here in case it's useful. It took a fair bit of playing around to get it working and I altered configuration a few times so tell me if things don't work and I'll try to correct my instructions. I'm assuming that you also have Linux knowledge but do tell me if things are unclear. You don't need to be a Raspberry Pi expert - this was my first project on it. The simplest way is to buy this Raspberry Pi 2 kit and to add the Raspberry Pi Offical Wi-Fi Dongle . Full disclosure - I will make a (small) amount of money if you buy from those links. You don't have to buy the kit - other Raspberry Pi 2s will work and I'm guessing that the original Raspberry Pi will also work as ne