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My takeaways from Google I/O 2015

Rather than a proper writeup I thought I'd post a few key links of interesting things at Google I/O 2015: Google allows you to test your apps on virtual and actual devices - Google Cloud Test Lab - link Android Wear allows gestures and always on apps - link Google Now able to be surfaced anywhere when holding home button and is aware of context - link , link Google have more kid content in Google Play - link Full offline coming to Google Maps (finally) - link Google Inbox is open to all - including businesses - link Improvements to Google Play Developer Console - link  and allows A/B testing - link A whole lot of improvements to Chromecast - link Android M preview available to download now - link , link  (also mentions improved Android Studio including NDK - C/C++ development) Android M supports USB-C (inc charging other devices) and MIDI - link Android M has better power saving, user selectable permissions and a fingerprint API - link Android M has better a