Getting Apple USB Ethernet adapter working with Windows 8.1 (or Windows 10)

At work I'm now alternating between Windows 8.1 on a Dell and an Apple Macbook Air. As part of this I just want to switch one USB cable between machines when I switch, that is connected to a USB hub.

One of the things I've attached to my USB hub is a USB to Ethernet converter. The one I had was a no-name brand one which didn't work by default on Apple. Rather than trying to get it working on Apple (and being unstable from past experience) I just plugged in an Apple USB to Ethernet converter (part A1277). Worked fine on the Mac, no joy on the Dell.

Having a poke around the Dell could see what the hardware was fine, just couldn't find drivers. Now if you Google around you'll quickly see that it is an Asix chipset and people tell you to download their drivers and update drivers. Tried this, didn't work and more Googling said you can shoehorn them in by resigning, altering INF files etc. I've done this before but this just didn't seem right to me considering Apple support these in Boot Camp if you want to do that (I don't as I actually like using my touch screen on my Dell).

So I thought how hard can it be to get it working? Very easy as it turns out
  • Use your Windows machine
  • Download the latest version of Boot Camp drivers from Apple here. (warning - large download)
  • Open the ZIP file and go into BootCamp\Drivers\Asix
  • Double click on AsixSetup64.exe (it may have a different name on 32 bit drivers)
  • Your drivers now work!
So nice and easy and documenting as a public service

Update 22 Jan 2016: This also works fine on Windows 10 as did it recently


  1. Well that was stupidly simple! Spent half a day trying to force chipset drivers and what not. Why isn't this higher up on google's listing? Anyway, for those who come across this, it works on the Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 and I was using an old 10/100 USB to Ethernet Apple Adapter. I see no reason why this won't work on other devices.

  2. You can download AppleUSBEthernet.* from here:
    The size is 10000 times less :-)

  3. Please note - that link by commenter hasn't been verified above - proceed with caution as from a third party

  4. Updated link for Boot Camp...

  5. Nice one, thank you very much . It worked for me

  6. Thanks! This was great help :)

  7. You're the best man, you saved my life


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