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Mobile broadband for home usage in the UK

I've recently moved into our own home (yeah!) but found myself with no timeline yet on when I can get home broadband :-( The situation is that Openreach has an open order on our new phone/ADSL line so can't do anything for quite a few weeks, until then - and that particular order is probably a cancellation!! It is a peculiar situation in that it would have been quicker if the previous owners hadn't done the right thing and then we could have "taken over" the line. No ISP is interested in the line until then even though I can show we legally own the house. So I've decided to document how I kept working and kept our sanity. Firstly my requirements were that needed a fair bit of bandwidth as we have three heavy Internet users in the house and many devices, and that we don't get hit with massive bills if we go over any cap. I looked at pure pay as you go devices but the cost per GB worked out at about £5 per GB. Nasty! So for the main bandwidth I went with T