Fixing your twitter being hacked

Often people are sending out junk tweets or direct messages from their account and they are not sure how to stop them. For example the latest ones are direct messages like "Hi someone is posting nasty rumors about you..."  or "Hi some person is posting nasty things about you..." or "Hi somebody is saying really bad things about you..." or sending out status updates such as "I lost weight without having to make any major diet changes while boosting energy levels, heres how:"

The reason for this is that your Twitter account has been compromised. This was probably due to you clicking on a bad direct message or going to a malicious website.

To fix this go into and revoke every single application. These are web applications that you have given permission to at some time to use your Twitter account - all those applications listed can go and post spam if they are malicious. Don't worry about deleting ones you use - any legitimate application will ask for permissions the next time you go to use them.

After you have revoked the permissions go and change your Twitter password. If you have used this password elsewhere and you could have entered your Twitter password into a fake website then you must now go and change all the accounts that used the same password. When making new passwords consider using a totally different password for any financial websites.

To stop this happening in future always check on URLs before clicking on them from any website. If you can't do this as they are short URLs that don't supply the whole link (e.g., then right click on the link and select "open link in incognito mode" or similar such as private mode. This will then open them in another more secure browser window that will not have any of your logged in websites available to any potential malicious sites. Also make sure to read the URL properly every time you login or supply personal information. e.g. the websites on these direct messages from the compromised account show as rather than


  1. Question. I followed these steps and now I can't send direct messages. How can I reinstall the Direct Message app that was on my twitter?

  2. Hi Jimmy - is that on your phone or something? I would remove the app and reinstall and then it should ask your permission again.

    1. It's actually on the twitter website account. I deleted the app because my account was hacked, but I can't find a way to restore it. My phone can only use the apps that I have on my account. Thanks for the response by the way.


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