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Building for Amazon

Recently there has been a bit of comment from a couple of people around an article that appeared about using Amazon Web Services (AWS). To be honest I'm more than a bit annoyed about how they were written up. The article made it sound like I'd given a talk about my use of AWS at work, or had helped write an article. I hadn't done either, but was part of a panel discussion around cloud. I do note that one of the other panellists was similarly written up too... Most of the article was from an answer to a question about what was good, and what was bad about Amazon with other bits picked out from other things. Some of it was not quite sensationalised and I didn't know the article was happening or a chance to review (something that has always happened before and I've spoken at around 20 events). So first of all I want to go on the record and say I am a strong supporter of Amazon. They, Google and Salesforce are the companies who have done more than anything else to p