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Cloud computing and location of data

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer so this is not legal advice, and these views do not represent my employer's views either. One of the big elephants in the room with cloud computing is the location of data. People are naturally worried about whether their data is accessible by others or not. Some providers will tell you the location of the data, some will not. There are also the issues of the Patriot Act and safe harbour when interaction with technology providers across the Atlantic. The Patriot Act requires a US based corporation to hand over data to the government and they do not have to disclose it to the end customer either if they are service provider. As far as I can understand you are not protected any further even if the data is in the EU or another region. The defining requirement is whether they are a US based company. One thing that is mentioned often is safe harbour. Basically what safe harbour means is that the US based provider will adhere to the same standards a