Why the Google Chromebook will succeed

I'm excited about the Google Chromebook and I believe it will do very well. Not 80% market share well, but perhaps around 20% and Apple seems to do very well with a similar market share.

Why do I think this is a game changer? Isn't a notebook that only works on the Internet doomed?

I don't think so for a few reasons. Firstly it will work offline. Google Docs will be working offline soon. The operating system (ChromeOS) will also store files locally. This includes things like Google Music and I'm sure others such as Spotify/DropBox will add support once it becomes popular.

Secondly it will work seamlessly with Google Mail/Google Apps. More and more organisations and individuals are going down this path and remember all those people with Android phones (now #1 smartphone) also have a Google account. So now you'll have a notebook with optional 3G that you can use for email, docs etc even offline. I often use my Android phone instead of my iPad or Mac or PC already when travelling as it just works so much nicer. I'm also at a point where with the combination of DropBox and Google Apps/Mail I can easily switch machines when I want and I'm sure more people will head down this route in the future.

For both companies and individuals these combinations of things will drive down the cost. For businesses these are machines that don't need to be managed very much at all, and for individuals the notebook will keep working without being touched.

Citrix and VMWare are also supporting virtual desktops on Google Chromebook so this will work very well for businesses that haven't yet converted everything to the browser (which is the best strategy).

And of course there is the 8 second boot so you can play Angry Birds quickly.

As a postscript ff you want to come to work for a cool media company that uses this sort of technology then have a look here.


  1. and of course the estimated 40% TCO compared to a traditional laptop running installed software on a fat OS.

    I am equally curious to see if the interest is there in Education. At $20/month it seems a no brainer, if you can cut back on the support staff.


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