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Why the Google Chromebook will succeed

I'm excited about the Google Chromebook and I believe it will do very well. Not 80% market share well, but perhaps around 20% and Apple seems to do very well with a similar market share. Why do I think this is a game changer? Isn't a notebook that only works on the Internet doomed? I don't think so for a few reasons. Firstly it will work offline. Google Docs will be working offline soon . The operating system (ChromeOS) will also store files locally. This includes things like Google Music and I'm sure others such as Spotify/DropBox will add support once it becomes popular. Secondly it will work seamlessly with Google Mail/Google Apps. More and more organisations and individuals are going down this path and remember all those people with Android phones (now #1 smartphone) also have a Google account. So now you'll have a notebook with optional 3G that you can use for email, docs etc even offline. I often use my Android phone instead of my iPad or Mac or PC alre