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Motorola Atrix and Motorola Xoom thughts

I had a quick play today with the Motorola Xoom (iPad competitor) and Motorola Atrix (smartphone that doubles up as a netbook). I must say that I was impressed with both of them, although the Xoom was the more impressive of the two. The Xoom seems a credible competitor to the iPad and the Honeycomb version of Android looks very polished and works on tablets well. The speed of it seemed faster than the original iPad and around the same as the iPad 2. All the software on it that I used seemed quite nice. I did like the ability to customise the home screens more than on the Apple. Of course the key to the success for many people will be what apps come out for it. I personally believe in 5 years that apps for cellphones will be irrelevant, just like they are on a PC today as mobile platforms and web browsers become more powerful. That still leaves a few years in between though. The other key to success will be whether the battery lasts like the iPad and I couldn't test this. The