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Microsoft server application virtualisation

I see Microsoft has released a test version of Server App-V which enables individual server roles to be run on top of a virtual machine - particularly Microsoft Azure. This confirms in my mind that Microsoft has one of the strongest cloud visions of all the Tier 1 vendors. They provide all layers of the stack - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. This particular move makes a lot of sense to me as you're taking away the need to manage the operating system so much and instead manage the application. The more abstraction you get, means less cost to maintain. (As a primer for those who don't know much about App-V  it started as a technology to publish virtual desktop applications. To me this makes more sense than a fully think desktop as you already have the grunt  on the desktop and you can push out individual apps and that way you can run new technology e.g. Windows 7 but still run your XP dependent apps if needed). Thanks to Mary-Jo Foley for the heads-up . I also have some overview of M