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Privacy and social network aggregation

In the last couple of days I tried out a new service from a subsidiary of a multi-billion dollar company that made me want to stomp on it and crush it. Harsh words I know but the way this service abused privacy was just astounding. This device enabled you to touch another persons device and then it would share your contact details, including relevant social networks. All sounds fine and just a modern version of a business card surely? The problem was two fold - the first problem was that you could not decide on a person by person basis what contact details you want to share. I can't think of many people that I would want to share all my phone numbers, email (work and personal), LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook details with - I would always want to give a subset of my data with to each person. What's also scary is that this company is in the location based scenario.... So is there future roadmap that you share all your details and where you are? And it gets worse. The way it