Amazon does SSL termination

Amazon has had a viable cloud strategy with AWS for quite a while now as I have discussed on my website.

They have now introduced SSL termination which is a big help when it comes to e-commerce/secure websites.

What is SSL termination and why is it important? Well with Amazon you've been able to distribute traffic to a number of your servers automatically using their ELB (Elastic Load Balancer). You can even use auto scaling to add extra servers automatically if you want!

The problem is that until now this has not worked for decrypting HTTPS traffic (SSL termination). This generally has made things quite hard and you've had to work around by directing to a single node, have multiple certificates or complex configuration.

Now the ELB does the HTTPS encryption/decryption and can then direct the traffic to any node as it does with unencrypted traffic. If you want to know all the gory details have a look at the AWS blog here.

As a side note - if you want to learn more about starting the Amazon journey then go have a look at Symbian's architect's blog here.


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