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Is 3Par worth $2 billion?

After seeing all the news around 3Par I started to wonder whether they are really worth $2 billion considering I had never heard of them before. The primary benefits I can see of 3Par are: simplification of storage management thin provisioning From a pure financial point of view the deal doesn't make sense - their sales were just under $200 million in the last year and I am quite confident that you could build a similar set of products for less than $2 billion. Conspicuous by it's absence in the bidding are IBM, HDS, Oracle, and EMC. They have either decided it is too expensive or already have something similar under development. The other thing to consider is that we have two heavyweights in HP and Dell doing the bidding. It is interesting in itself that they aren't being considered for acquisition by a smaller player. I believe that the reason for this is that a smaller company would realise you can build a competitor for much less. Many large companies have for

Nice update on Azure

Mary-Jo Foley from ZDNet has posted a nice update on where Microsoft Azure is at. Wander over here to have a look and see page 2 in particular for a nice system architecture drawing.

Microsoft begins adding single-sign on support to its Azure cloud

Interesting article  here  about Microsoft adding SSO support to Azure cloud including things such as Google and OpenID. They are showing pretty serious intent with all of this. Great to see!

Featured in Outsource magazine

I just got interviewed by Outsource magazine today and the interview is up here . At the moment I'm even up on the front page of their website!