Supporting the Open Cloud Manifesto

Over on the Symbian Blog you can see a new post by me about Symbian supporting the Open Cloud Manifesto.

Openness is going to be an increasing issue as more people move to the cloud. Just as closed virtualisation formats hurts enterprises with a mixture of formats, so does closed clouds.

One thing that is interesting is who has, and who hasn't supported the manifesto. It is a real shame not to see Amazon, Google or Microsoft in the list. It is encouraging to see Rackspace there though as they are proving to be a strong player in the cloud also. IBM, HP, VMWare are on the list - but they don't have much cloud market share yet (VMWare does have mind share though). My take on this is that the big players who have not yet locked in market share are wanting to be open so they can stay in the game, and the ones that do have market share (with exception of Rackspace) are just not interested.


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